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Multi-user install wiped clean on log off
~Anita Asafreezenoopsi 01/23/2004 04:22 PM
Notes Client 6.5 Windows 2000

I'm seeing some strange behaviour with multi-user installations of the Notes 6.5 client.

We're installing onto Windows 2000 and XP workstations, which log on to a Windows NT network (fairly standard PDC/BDC structure). The users' roaming profiles are set up as standard; AFAIK no policies have been set up to adjust the standard behaviour.

I can set up users on the machine just fine. I can even copy existing Notes R5 data into the profile. However, when I log off and back on, all the data in c:\documents and settings\userid\local settings\application data\lotus\notes\data gets wiped.

I'm not doing anything weird with NT roaming profiles. I haven't even enabled Notes roaming yet. I should be able to log the same user back on to the same machine, and can't.

This has happened on several boxes (XP and 2000) so I don't think it's specific to a corrupted profile. Could it be caused by using an NT domain controller, rather than Win2K?

Ideas very welcome,

Rupert Clayton

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